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Chatroulette Review

┬áIf you haven’t heard of Chatroulette, you’ve obviously been living under a rock in terms of keeping up with internet memes! Okay, so maybe keeping up with internet memes isn’t really all that important, but still, who are you??!!! Anyway, Chatroulette essentially provides a chatting service that mimics the game of roulette in the sense that you are randomly connected with another user, while you’re both streaming yourselves on webcam live. If that sounds stupid to you, it’s not – and you’re stupid! It is the most awesome-est thing ever, and this site came up with the idea in the first place! Well, at least the video part, the concept of “roulette chat” actually was invented by Omegle, but Chatroulette made the concept way more popular, so I guess in the end they both deserve equal credit maybe? I don’t know.

Anyway, as you might expect with the first site in a particular category that is sort of new and intriguing, Chatroulette went viral and gained a lot of prominence, getting featured on major media outlets and even in South Park. Although initially it had more users than it does now, it seems to be maintaining its current user levels quite handily, and to the tune of millions a month! So yea, there are plenty of people online at any given time to ensure you always get a fresh batch of randomness. You can check out the random webcam chat granddaddy of them all by going to