RandomSkip Review

RandomSkip is a site that is similar to Omegle in the sense that it has both text-only and video random chat options. However, RandomSkip has another option on top of those, which is the group chat option. This third option is similar to the old school chat rooms, where everyone is in one room together, instead of the one-on-one setting associated with the other two options. The fact that they have that extra option in itself helps make Random Skip a great site to check out. However, there is more to be happy about. Specifically, one of the best things about this site is the extra features they have added to their text chatting page. The most important extra feature they added is the ability to send images back and forth to the strangers you talk to. This is absolutely HUGE! You can check out the page with this amazing, awesome, and super easy to use photo sharing right here: https://www.randomskip.com/omegle.

Basically, the owners of this site looked at what Omegle has done and tried to improve upon it as much as possible. Adding the pictures capability was probably the smartest thing they could have done. I mean, just think about all those times you’ve been annoyed that you couldn’t send a picture without having to first go upload it somewhere else and then paste in the link! No fun, no fun at all, and super inconvenient. Well, your problem has been solved, hurray! I can’t overstate the importance of them adding this though. If you think about the way you chat with random people on these sites, you will quickly realize that many times something is missing. You know what’s missing? You can’t see them! When you can visualize the face of a person you’re talking to, it makes the discussion a whole lot more intimate, rather than talking to some ghost. Now, some of you might say that you enjoy the mystery of not being able to see the other person, but let’s be real here, if the conversation goes well it won’t be long before the fun of the mystery wears off and you really want to know what your new friend actually looks like! Curiosity will take a-hold of you like crazy, and you will be asking for pictures in no time at all. It’s just the way it is, you can’t help yourself.

Anyway, there is another feature I’d like to mention as well which is emoticons. They added those too, so now you can send smiles in style, and thereby embellish your messages with that so hard to imitate via text message real life “tone” that you would normally include when actually speaking with someone. Emotes are the next best thing to actual voice tone, and so you just have to take what you can get! Anyway, they have the smiles as well, so if you weren’t already sold with the images, that should finish it for you. What are you waiting for? Get over to that website already!

Omegle Alternatives

By now you have probably been a big fan of Omegle for quite some time, but you’re looking to branch out and see if you can’t maybe find some alternatives. It’s just the way of the world, you can’t stay with one website forever, and this holds especially true with the random video and text chatting niche. With roulette webcam chat sites it is just too easy to end up having a community that becomes a bit, say, stale, because it becomes too predictable I suppose. Thus, you end up wanting something new, and that, my friends, it what we have provided for you here. Check out our list of the best Omegle alternative sites, and you shalt not be disappointed, or at least so we hope.

1. iMeetzuOur Review

This random chat site is pretty awesome. You can choose between video only or text only for one thing, just like Omegle. Plus, they also have group chat rooms with webcam functionality and their own awesome social network!

2. ChatrouletteOur Review

This is the dinosaur of roulette video chatting. If you really haven’t heard of it before, I don’t know what to say, other than…check it out!

3. Chatrandom – Our Review

A relative newcomer that is now a sensational star in the random chat niche, check them out for sure.

4. Camzap – Our Review

This is a roulette video chat site that is pretty popular and now has some cool new features.

5. Bazoocam – Our Review

Bazoocam is a quite popular random cam chat site, but it is focused primary on French users, although it also has a large number of Italian users.

6. Chatville – Our Review

7. Stickam – Our Review

8. Streamberry – Our Review

9. Chatpig – Our Review

10. Funyo – Our Review

Chatroulette Alternatives

If you’re a true fan of Chatroulette like we are, I’m sure the thought has crossed your mind at one point or another, are there any good Chatroulette alternatives? No matter how much you like a random roulette video webcam chat site, at some point you just have to try another similar version of the same thing, whether it’s to find a fresh new community and subsequently more fresh new faces, or whether it’s to find some slightly different feature sets that may actually make a big difference in terms of user experience. Well, lucky for you we’re taken the hard work out of finding the best alternatives to Chatroulette, and compiled a nice list for you right here:

1. iMeetzu – Visit SiteRead Review

iMeetzu is our top choice. It offers everything from text only random chat rooms to video roulette to iPhone apps to an entire social network, and all completely FREE!

2. Chatrandom – Visit Site – Read Review

Chatrandom is a newly popular random chat site with roulette, group, and multi chat options.

3. Omegle – Visit SiteRead Review

Omegle was the first random chat site, it offers text, video, and “spy mode”.

4. Bazoocam – Visit SiteRead Review

Bazoocam is focused on the French market, and is a pretty popular Chatroulette alternative.

5. Camzap – Visit Site – Read Review

Camzap is a roulette video chat site focused on international users, and has a new registration system now is well.

6. WebcamBam – Visit Site – Read Review

7. Stickam – Visit Site – Read Review – Update: Site has shut down.

8. Cam Random Chat – Visit Site – Read Review

9. Streamberry – Visit Site – Read Review

10. RandomSkip – Visit Site – Read Review

11. Chatville – Visit Site – Read Review

12. HollerChat – Visit Site – Read Review

13. Funyo – Visit Site – Read Review

14. SpeedyCams – Visit Site – Read Review

15. Chatpig – Visit Site – Read Review

16. SpinnerChat – Visit Site – Read Review

17. Facebuzz – Visit Site – Read Review

18. Chattino – Visit Site – Read Review

19. Wocchat – Visit Site – Read Review

20. FlipChat – Visit Site – Read Review

Stickam Review

 Stickam is more than just your usual Chatroulette alternative. Sure, it has the expected random roulette video chat functionality, which it calls “Stickam Shuffle”, but the main attraction to the site actually isn’t that feature, it’s something completely different. You see, this website is actually a live streaming webcam feed social network. Users are able to launch their own live video channels, and use them for whatever purpose they want. This includes things such as DJs having 1 hour beat sessions, people running their own scheduled comedic talk shows, and people just signing on to their channel whenever in order to both entertain themselves and others with their larger than life personalities.

Thus, as you can see, Stickam has a lot to offer! It is a popular platform for live video streaming, and it really brings life to the idea of a social network that is essentially based on live cam communication. As would be expected with such a site, it is quite popular. The site’s main source of visitors is the United States, but other english-speaking countries such as Canada and the United Kingdom also have a large presence. There actually are users from all over the world, but English seems to be the primary language utilized within the community. At any rate, if all this sounds awesome and you’re looking to check it out, find them at www.stickam.com.

Chatpig Review

 This chat site, despite its name, doesn’t really seem to have much of anything, if anything at all, to do with pigs. There is no feature involving pork, or any other such pig-related things. What it does have to do with, however, is being a Chatroulette alternative, with all the expected bells and whistles, and, with a bit of a twist. You see, Chatpig decided to go after the German language market – yea, that’s right, Germany! Maybe the German love for all things pig in their food is related to the name choice, I don’t know, but the attempt to corner this market has seemed to work out relatively well for them.

At any rate, in terms of popularity they have in recent days seemed to be on the rise. In the last month their Alexa rank has been around 80k, which is an uptick from their rolling three-month average of 114k. What does this mean for you? Well, it means that if you do decide to give them a try, you should have plenty of German’s available to discuss such awesome things as wienerschnitzel with, hurray! But, of course, as an english-speaking person you may find communicating to be a little bit tough on this site. I hate to break it to you, but not everyone in the world speaks our language! In any event, if this all sounds like a good time to you, check out this random roulette video cam chat site at www.chatpig.com.

Funyo Review

 This chat site is affiliated with another popular site, Chatrandom, and thus has quite a few similarities. However, it also has it’s own special features that really differentiate it. First, it has your usual Chatroulette-style random video chat room, which has a decent number of people available at any time. You won’t have to wait too long to get connected, but it doesn’t have nearly as many users online as it’s much more popular affiliate. Second, it has a group chat room feature which allows the usage of live webcam video feeds. The feeds can be broadcast such that everyone in the room can watch them or a user can opt to do only private video calls with other individual users – this makes it a nice chatting option since it kind of covers all the bases.

Finally, Funyo has a major extra feature that really differentiates it. This extra feature is what it calls a “webcam based social network”, and it is geared towards adults only. This becomes more apparent when you see the adult-oriented images of many of its members. At any rate, it’s an interesting functionality, and seems to be attempting to do something similar to what iMeetzu has done with their social network, only much less strictly moderated. So, take that as you will, and if this sounds like something you would like to check out visit them at www.funyo.com.

Bazoocam Review

 Bazoocam is unique, but not so much because of the features it provides. The features themselves are essentially nothing more than a copy of Chatroulette – there is nothing unique about them. However, the site is still VERY popular, which begs the question, why? Why would a copycat be super popular? The most obvious answer is that they were able to market themselves as a viable Chatroulette alternative site, and luckily for them, people are always on the prowl for sites similar to websites they already like and know of. However, in my opinion, what really allowed them to succeed was picking a target audience and going from there, and that target audience was France.

Yep, that’s right, Bazoocam has a primarily French (Français) user base. It targeted the French market, and established arguably the most popular random chat platform in that market, and grew from there. Now it also has a large audience in Italy as well, and a pretty large following worldwide thereafter. So, there you have it! If you’re looking to practice up on your non-english languages, this is a great place to do so, and it always has plenty of users available 24/7 to keep you entertained and running through lots of new faces. If all this sounds pretty awesome, check them out at www.bazoocam.org.

Camzap Review

 Camzap was one of the first and quickest-to-market Chatroulette imitators. Very few sites were able to capitalize on Chatroulette’s viral popularity as well as this fast-mover, and thus, this site was able to reap benefits it otherwise likely would not have. A following was developed, although primarily through attracting users from foreign countries more so than users from the USA. Even to this day, the site remains popular and used primarily by the international community. It all started as an almost exact copy of Chatroulette, but to their credit they have now added something extra and interesting.

Rather than stick with only a simple roulette random video chat system, Camzap decided to add in their very own proprietary feature set. What is it you might ask? Well, you probably wouldn’t even notice it if I didn’t tell you because you kind of have to look for it, and it’s one pretty small link near the bottom of the page, but it’s their Beta version. In any case, once you click the link to go to this new Beta version you will see that there’s a whole registration system and everything. One of the most compelling features is the Add Friends button that accompanies the typical roulette webcam setting. In other words, as you’re going through the masses of random strangers, you can instantly save your favorites so that you can find them again later and continue your conversations! Awesome! To check the site out go to www.camzap.com. Update: Site no longer exists.

Chatville Review

 When Chatville first began it didn’t exactly have the anonymity qualities you typically find with a Chatroulette-style random chat site. Rather, it was first produced with the motive of being an acceptable app for Facebook, or in other words, not being plagued with the nasty adult material other roulette websites are stuck with. The only way really to avoid that sort of content is to require people to be registered, and ultimately, require them to sort of care about what other people think of what they do while using the service. The only way to truly accomplish such a feat is to tie people’s Facebook profiles to a service, or at least some sort of profile that holds them more accountable and also increases the barriers to entering the chat area again if they get banned etc. So yea, that was how it started, but nowadays it took a 180 degree turn.

Anonymity is back in full force on Chatville, and along with it came the mature content. It’s not really any fault of their own, for whatever reason when dudes are given the chance a large number of them like to well….do their thing lol. However, that isn’t the only difference now, they also completely got rid of the roulette concept, and now are only a sort of live group video chat community. You can watch streams, see how many people are viewing them, and start your own if you desire. There are a plethora of other features as well, but rather than go into more detail I’ll just let you check it out yourself. You can find the site at www.chatville.com, enjoy!

Streamberry Review

 This site has a kind of odd name, not exactly sure why they put the word “berry” on the end, unless I’m missing some sort of obvious pun or other meaning. Anyway, besides the name, the site itself is pretty legitimate. I don’t know how it really ever became popular, because I never noticed when it first came out, but in my search for roulette video chat sites I RANDOMLY (pun totally intended) came across it. I think they recently gave it a design makeover too, because it looks a lot nicer now than it did that last time I visited, so that’s cool.

In terms of features, Streamberry offers a couple main choices to satisfy your chatting desires. The first is your expected roulette webcam chat, with all the usual bells and whistles (you can NEXT people, woohoo!). The second is a bit more intriguing, since, well, it’s different from the first :p . Basically, it’s a group video chat deal where you can have your own live feed and/or watch other live feeds. In fact, you can watch as many as four live feeds all at once, so that’s pretty sweet. You can see how many people are viewing each channel, and thereby be a total bandwagoner if you would like. Thus, if you’re someone who likes to be able to just follow the crowd, this might be for you, hurray! In any case, you can give this bad boy of a website a visit at www.streamberry.com. Update: Site no longer exists.