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DateHookup Review

┬áThis free online dating site has been around for ages, and its look has been virtually unchanged as far back as I can remember. However, despite the lack of changes to its look, and very few if any to its functionality in the last few years, at least that I am aware of, the site has continued to grow in popularity. The main geography of it’s growth has seemed to be the USA, and as would be expected, the United States is also its current primary source of visitors. Simply being a viable alternative to the other major free online dating websites could really be about all that is necessary to be successful. Of course, this is easier said then done.

You see, for DateHookup to achieve the growth and success it has, it first has to get enough people using the site to make it worthwhile for more people to come along and also use it, and then keep using it. This is the typical chicken and egg problem associated with any social or dating website, and solving it is never easy. Luckily for this site, it has been around so long that it seems to have been able to acquire great search engine rankings, and a whole lot of visibility over its lifetime. It would be my guess that the combination of those two things have allowed it to prosper, because when you look at it, it really is just a bare bones dating site. It allows you to find people and contact them, but that’s about it. But then again, maybe all the other sites and their fancy algorithms never were necessary anyway, maybe dating really is just a function of meeting people and then deciding for yourself, after all. I’ll let you decide, by visiting this site at