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RandomSkip Review

RandomSkip is a site that is similar to Omegle in the sense that it has both text-only and video random chat options. However, RandomSkip has another option on top of those, which is the group chat option. This third option is similar to the old school chat rooms, where everyone is in one room together, instead of the one-on-one setting associated with the other two options. The fact that they have that extra option in itself helps make Random Skip a great site to check out. However, there is more to be happy about. Specifically, one of the best things about this site is the extra features they have added to their text chatting page. The most important extra feature they added is the ability to send images back and forth to the strangers you talk to. This is absolutely HUGE! You can check out the page with this amazing, awesome, and super easy to use photo sharing right here:

Basically, the owners of this site looked at what Omegle has done and tried to improve upon it as much as possible. Adding the pictures capability was probably the smartest thing they could have done. I mean, just think about all those times you’ve been annoyed that you couldn’t send a picture without having to first go upload it somewhere else and then paste in the link! No fun, no fun at all, and super inconvenient. Well, your problem has been solved, hurray! I can’t overstate the importance of them adding this though. If you think about the way you chat with random people on these sites, you will quickly realize that many times something is missing. You know what’s missing? You can’t see them! When you can visualize the face of a person you’re talking to, it makes the discussion a whole lot more intimate, rather than talking to some ghost. Now, some of you might say that you enjoy the mystery of not being able to see the other person, but let’s be real here, if the conversation goes well it won’t be long before the fun of the mystery wears off and you really want to know what your new friend actually looks like! Curiosity will take a-hold of you like crazy, and you will be asking for pictures in no time at all. It’s just the way it is, you can’t help yourself.

Anyway, there is another feature I’d like to mention as well which is emoticons. They added those too, so now you can send smiles in style, and thereby embellish your messages with that so hard to imitate via text message real life “tone” that you would normally include when actually speaking with someone. Emotes are the next best thing to actual voice tone, and so you just have to take what you can get! Anyway, they have the smiles as well, so if you weren’t already sold with the images, that should finish it for you. What are you waiting for? Get over to that website already!