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Badoo Review

 Badoo is a pretty cool site that you may quite possibly have never heard of if you’re from the USA, despite it’s insane popularity! How popular do you ask? Oh, I don’t know, only over 166 MILLION registered users! Crazy huh? You see, Badoo just isn’t as big in the USA as it is in a lot of other foreign countries, like, for example, Brazil – it’s HUGE there. Anyway, I suppose I should give you more details then just saying it’s a site with a lot of users. Badoo provides a sort of social network with a dating focus, if that makes any sense.

Many people have coined the term “social encounters” or something similar that to describe sites in this niche, because there are others. I guess the best way to think of it is sort of as a cross between Facebook and a dating site, although I think Badoo in particular leans more towards being a dating site than a social network, where as other sites in the niche lean more towards being a social network than a dating site, but to each their own. In any case, the site has some great location-utilizing features that work quite well with your mobile phone. You can see anyone who happens to be nearby you and is also using the app in real time, so that is pretty cool. If more people started using it you could maybe see exactly who happens to be in a bar nearby and make an effort to go there and meet them for real, if you catch my drift. I’m not sure whether people like that concept or not, I can see both positives and negatives to it – of course you can always just close the application if you get too many random people coming up to you and saying “hey, I saw you on Badoo!” But yea, if you want to check the site out head over to