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Chatville Review

¬†When Chatville first began it didn’t exactly have the anonymity qualities you typically find with a Chatroulette-style random chat site. Rather, it was first produced with the motive of being an acceptable app for Facebook, or in other words, not being plagued with the nasty adult material other roulette websites are stuck with. The only way really to avoid that sort of content is to require people to be registered, and ultimately, require them to sort of care about what other people think of what they do while using the service. The only way to truly accomplish such a feat is to tie people’s Facebook profiles to a service, or at least some sort of profile that holds them more accountable and also increases the barriers to entering the chat area again if they get banned etc. So yea, that was how it started, but nowadays it took a 180 degree turn.

Anonymity is back in full force on Chatville, and along with it came the mature content. It’s not really any fault of their own, for whatever reason when dudes are given the chance a large number of them like to well….do their thing lol. However, that isn’t the only difference now, they also completely got rid of the roulette concept, and now are only a sort of live group video chat community. You can watch streams, see how many people are viewing them, and start your own if you desire. There are a plethora of other features as well, but rather than go into more detail I’ll just let you check it out yourself. You can find the site at, enjoy!