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POF Review

 POF, short for Plenty of Fish, is the most popular free online dating website in the world, at least to my knowledge. I suppose the one way I could be wrong about this off the top of my head is if you consider Badoo to be a dating site, but for now let’s pretend this is not the case. On second thought, another way I could be wrong is if there is some super popular Chinese or Indian dating site I’m unaware of, so let me just rephrase my initial statement. POF is the most popular English language based free online dating site in the world. THERE. Anyway, the point is, POF is VERY popular, it’s a dating website, and it’s totally free, woohoo! If that’s not enough to get you to check it out, keep reading.

Founded by a Canadian back when there were only paid subscription style dating sites, Plenty of Fish has always been and continues to remain 100% free. However, you can still pay for credits which can be used to buy gifts for people and access other premium features you cannot otherwise access for free. BUT, everything you need in order to search for, contact, and set up meetings with people is completely available. The simplicity of the site is part of what makes it so great, and the founder has mentioned how he is very concerned about making changes that could either annoy users or hurt his ad revenue, so when you combine those two issues I kind of doubt we’ll be seeing any sort of drastic changes like what you see with Facebook. You see, the way things are currently, the site works and sets up people with millions of dates a year, so when you have that kind of success and constant growth, I’m not sure why any changes would be needed. If this sounds good, visit the site at