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Camzap Review

 Camzap was one of the first and quickest-to-market Chatroulette imitators. Very few sites were able to capitalize on Chatroulette’s viral popularity as well as this fast-mover, and thus, this site was able to reap benefits it otherwise likely would not have. A following was developed, although primarily through attracting users from foreign countries more so than users from the USA. Even to this day, the site remains popular and used primarily by the international community. It all started as an almost exact copy of Chatroulette, but to their credit they have now added something extra and interesting.

Rather than stick with only a simple roulette random video chat system, Camzap decided to add in their very own proprietary feature set. What is it you might ask? Well, you probably wouldn’t even notice it if I didn’t tell you because you kind of have to look for it, and it’s one pretty small link near the bottom of the page, but it’s their Beta version. In any case, once you click the link to go to this new Beta version you will see that there’s a whole registration system and everything. One of the most compelling features is the Add Friends button that accompanies the typical roulette webcam setting. In other words, as you’re going through the masses of random strangers, you can instantly save your favorites so that you can find them again later and continue your conversations! Awesome! To check the site out go to Update: Site no longer exists.