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Chatrandom Review

┬áThis site is one of the most popular roulette chat sites nowadays. It’s a solid Chatroulette alternative, and has grown by leaps and bounds within the last year or so. Marketing must be the forte of the owners, because the growth really is remarkable. So remarkable, in fact, that Chatrandom has risen from it’s humble beginnings of what was essentially obscurity to now being I believe the #3 most popular site in the niche, so yea, a very impressive job done by the founders. It seems like with sites like this you really have to reach a certain number of users online at any given time before you have any shot of really making it, and that seems to have occurred in this case and then some. I guess the point is you will never have an issue with not having enough fresh faces on this website, if you catch my drift!

Anyway, the site has extra features beyond that of the typical random chat site. In addition to webcam roulette, the site has a group video chat room option that is quite popular – there are multiple rooms with hundreds of people in them at any given time and no shortage of entertainment! On top of this extra option, they also have another extra option called “multi chat” that also involves chat rooms but of a different style. The style of this functionality seems to be more based on viewing “shows” or creating your own live “show” and gaining as many viewers as possible. You can view as many as 4 live feeds all at the same time, so that’s pretty cool, and you can rotate between a few different major rooms to see who all is available. Similar to the group option already mentioned, this one also has hundreds of users in multiple rooms available to chat with. At any rate, if this sounds interesting you can visit the website at