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Streamberry Review

┬áThis site has a kind of odd name, not exactly sure why they put the word “berry” on the end, unless I’m missing some sort of obvious pun or other meaning. Anyway, besides the name, the site itself is pretty legitimate. I don’t know how it really ever became popular, because I never noticed when it first came out, but in my search for roulette video chat sites I RANDOMLY (pun totally intended) came across it. I think they recently gave it a design makeover too, because it looks a lot nicer now than it did that last time I visited, so that’s cool.

In terms of features, Streamberry offers a couple main choices to satisfy your chatting desires. The first is your expected roulette webcam chat, with all the usual bells and whistles (you can NEXT people, woohoo!). The second is a bit more intriguing, since, well, it’s different from the first :p . Basically, it’s a group video chat deal where you can have your own live feed and/or watch other live feeds. In fact, you can watch as many as four live feeds all at once, so that’s pretty sweet. You can see how many people are viewing each channel, and thereby be a total bandwagoner if you would like. Thus, if you’re someone who likes to be able to just follow the crowd, this might be for you, hurray! In any case, you can give this bad boy of a website a visit at Update: Site no longer exists.