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Stickam Review

 Stickam is more than just your usual Chatroulette alternative. Sure, it has the expected random roulette video chat functionality, which it calls “Stickam Shuffle”, but the main attraction to the site actually isn’t that feature, it’s something completely different. You see, this website is actually a live streaming webcam feed social network. Users are able to launch their own live video channels, and use them for whatever purpose they want. This includes things such as DJs having 1 hour beat sessions, people running their own scheduled comedic talk shows, and people just signing on to their channel whenever in order to both entertain themselves and others with their larger than life personalities.

Thus, as you can see, Stickam has a lot to offer! It is a popular platform for live video streaming, and it really brings life to the idea of a social network that is essentially based on live cam communication. As would be expected with such a site, it is quite popular. The site’s main source of visitors is the United States, but other english-speaking countries such as Canada and the United Kingdom also have a large presence. There actually are users from all over the world, but English seems to be the primary language utilized within the community. At any rate, if all this sounds awesome and you’re looking to check it out, find them at