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Tagged Review

 This is a social network that actually is doing quite well, despite the rise of Facebook. At first, that may not make any sense, but when you think about what it is that this site, Tagged, provides, the pieces begin to come together. What they offer is a way for you to meet new people, plain and simple. Facebook does not really work well for doing this, because it is more about staying in touch with people you already know. Tagged allows you to concentrate on finding new people to add to your real life social circle or just to be friends with online, the choice is yours. They allow this to occur while providing a pretty familiar feeling social environment.

One way this website encourages its users to branch out is by providing games. These games function essentially as icebreakers, which I think is a great concept, and which looks to have been pretty successful for them. Besides games, they have your usual social networking functionality such as profiles, etc. and thus you can run searches by location and what not to see if you can find anyone cool nearby. They are probably only second to Badoo in this “social encounters” category. Anyway, I like the pretty laid back feel of the site in general, so it’s definitely worth giving a try! Visit them at